Ingenieur Tom Turelinckx - ondernemende IT-professional

also known as Tom

Entrepreneurial IT Professional

Why the need for a personal website? Well, if you're anything like me, I like to know more about people I work with or come into contact with. Before doing business with someone, I want to get a sense of who they are. This website allows you to do just that. So... Pleased to meet you! I’m Tom. I specialise in delivering added value through ICT: for my business, your business and your customers’ business. Where do I stand in life? At the interface between ICT and business. With both feet on the ground and my eyes on the infinite.

Engineer Tom Turelinckx - work



Every day, I do what I love. I work on software solutions that solve problems for end users. I work for all kinds of organisations that identify a customer need and want to create an automation tool to meet that need. I help them develop a feasible plan with a win-win outcome. Then together we create an intuitive tool – without unnecessary frills – that will increase efficiency and effectiveness. Next, we build a prototype with a team of IT professionals, and run extensive tests. Once we are confident that the application that perfectly meets the needs of the end user – and will continue to do so for the next ten years – we proceed to successfully market the product.

Engineer Tom Turelinckx - business


I love developing applications that resolve issues and make life easier for the end user. But it’s even more rewarding to develop an end product that my clients can convert into a successful business. With knowledge gained from many years of software marketing, I act as a sparring partner with experience as an entrepreneur. Engaging from the sidelines or as a partner in a joint venture. I am actually a qualified engineer and am known for my pragmatic approach. Whenever I’m asked to develop something, my first thought is: ‘How will it add value and what exactly is the issue we want to resolve?’ Once we are clear on that, we can set to work.

I have achieved successes and I have made mistakes. Both are invaluable in enterprise. I know from my own experience both what to do and what not to do. That makes me an entrepreneur. I can now apply my knowledge and experience on your behalf. I operate in Belgium, in the Benelux and far beyond. What I like about ICT are its infinite possibilities – and the fact that national borders are no obstacle.

"What I like about ICT are its infinite possibilities."
Engineer Tom Turelinckx - consulting


"The difference between theory and practice? In theory there is no difference. In practice there is."

As well as developing software I believe in, I advise organisations on successful use of software. I am involved in a number of joint ventures and advise the European Commission on the optimal integration of ICT systems. Above all, I advise my clients on the feasibility of their ideas. Once I am confident that an idea has been thoroughly researched and is feasible, I and a team of professionals turn it into a successful product. This requires a combination of account management, business product management and technical product management skills. So rather than being an ICT consultant or an ICT developer, I am actually an ICT director.

Engineer Tom Turelinckx - learning


"A crisis is always an opportunity."

I fell in love with ICT early on. At the age of 10, I developed my first software application on an old laptop that belonged to my father. After that, there was no turning back. I decided to study engineering and continued to deepen my knowledge of ICT in my spare time. It meant I was well prepared for the future. As an engineer, you have a simple way of looking at a problem and develop a practical solution that uses modern technologies. The emergence of open source technology opened up endless possibilities for ICT. It allows me to create value with solutions built on an open source framework. If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that software development is all about asking questions. If you ask no questions, you get no answers. And if you have no answers, you do not have a product meets a need.

Engineer Tom Turelinckx - leisure


I can spend days on the computer. But I believe that, to evolve, every so often we need to shake off our blinkers and allow ourselves to be inspired by life. I do this by engaging in movement. Sometimes on a bike, but preferably on skeelers. And I head for the sauna to fend off stress. My guilty pleasure? Chokotoffs. I like to eat them on the train on the way to a new adventure. Travelling for work, ideally to conferences in European capitals, is one of my passions. I enjoy getting to know and learning from other people and their take on life and ICT. I would be happy to take you with me sometime. I’ll even share my Chokotoffs with you.

Engineer Tom Turelinckx - my past

My past

Of course, it all began with studying. I got a degree in Engineering (a Masters in Industrial Science) then did postgraduate courses in Business Management and Corporate Finance. From 2001 to 2008 I was seconded to the European Commission by Cronos International. I set up my first company, Twiska, at the start of the financial crisis in 2008 and, for the next five years, devoted all of my time to it. It turned out to be a success. These days I combine my role as director of Twiska with my role as a consultant to the European Commission. I never stop learning. I am always expanding my knowledge and acquiring further qualifications. Last summer I spent a month in Berlin, studying German and European Business Management. Learning is inspiring!